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JOHNNA MURREY  "What motivates me most is growth. As people we live, we learn, and we grow. My mission is to help people realize that what they are struggling with now is a part of their growth and ultimately their success story. The story behind my business… I’m a motivational speaker, case manager, counseling support, and author. I pursued a bachelor’s degree in communication studies. I completed three certificates in studies: early childhood teaching 1 and 2, and a graduate certificate in case management. I graduated with my master’s degree in administration of human services. I worked as a substitute teacher then as a case manager for low-income families and children with disabilities in 2019 which I was let go from during the pandemic. During this time, I wrote two books about overcoming domestic violence, living with a syndrome that only 1% of the population are diagnosed with (superior mesenteric artery syndrome) and my personal growth through mental health struggles. I founded my business “Journey With” in 2021. I currently work as a children's ministry director and I coach, empower, and strengthen goals as a mental health support. I focus on self-development. Having gone through struggles firsthand, coupled with my social service experience, I use my story to encourage others."


Listen more about Johnna’s story and life on her YouTube channel. She creates content and is inspirational on her social media platforms.

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