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Connect & Interact With Me 

If you can’t book a one on one session with me: don’t worry, I’m still here to offer guidance.

Join my private Facebook groups where you can share and support:

“Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome” and “Journey With Mental Health”


Group therapy coming soon! My mental wealth course, “Journey With Mental Wealth” will be 1 session per month. I will post daily and go live weekly. Join for engagement, activity, and responsiveness. I will also provide encouragement, guidance, treatment plans, and focus on goal setting. 

Do you have an inspiring story? Invite me on your journey.
​Go on Instagram live with me:
1. DM or email me the words "Journey With Me" and what you'd like to share.
2. We'll set a date and time
Connect with me on my Youtube anonymously:
1. Send an email with the words "Journey With Me" in the subject line. Include what you'd like me to discuss.

Email me below

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