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The Forgotten Dream—a poem

By Johnna Murrey

Don’t just dream but live your dream.

This poem is from a me that was depressed, rattled with anxiety, and stuck in life. The first step: I realized I didn’t want to live life like that anymore. I wrote a list of all the things I was good at. What makes me smile? I focused on my passion and it turned into my purpose.

It’s Wednesday
That weekly routine…
You wake up from a dream you’ve forgotten.
You spend a few seconds trying to piece together what’s left in your memory.
But soon you give up when you realize the dream isn’t coming back.
You’re confused but you don’t like being confused so you shift your focus.
That was a bad idea because now you’re fully awake.
All of your thoughts are racing through your mind.
You have the whole day mapped out in your head.
You know exactly what you’re going to do.
You know exactly what you’re going to say and to whom.
But the one thing you had to do today…you can’t remember what it was...
The thought is lost amongst other thoughts.
It’s okay, you’ll remember later you tell yourself.
Brush your teeth, shower, get dressed, make sure you look decent.
It’s time to start the day.
The start of the week can get busy.
You look forward to the weekend before it even starts.
What is wrong—no—what did I miss?
Last week went by so fast.
I’m walking out of my home and to my car and I want to crawl back to my bed.
I want to hide under the covers, close my eyes, and dream.
What was that dream?

Talents, Passions, and Purpose

Your talent or gift is what comes naturally to you, even though you’re good at it, you may not be passionate about it. Your purpose is what you’re passionate about and good at.

Look At You Success & Stay Blessed!

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