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Welcome to my journey. Read my autobiographies, "Shaken to Become Unshaken" about mental health and "Diary Of The Broken Hearted: As A Woman" about domestic violence. This is only the beginning. Book #3 is in the works . I am so excited to share my journey with you!

Shaken to Become Unshaken available now everywhere books are sold. Also available on my publisher's website "BookBaby." Available at 60+ Stores AND in 170 countries.

Diary of the Broken Hearted available now on ALL online platforms. Get it online! Get it shipped straight to your door! Click to "Buy It" to buy from my publisher "BookBaby" or search online and buy it from anywhere books are sold.

Shaken to Become Unshaken

​eBook ISBN-9781667826042

Paperback ISBN-9781667826035

I’ve figured out that the best guidance comes from within. Essentially our life story. Here’s my guide on how I achieved mental wealth, full of many life lessons and reflection. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Read how I built up my self-esteem. I’ve learned I don’t have to hide or omit anything in my life. Every struggle I’ve been through is a success story.


While living your story, go back and reread the important parts. Process—heal. Then move forward with your book in hand.

*Let go of past traumas and struggle.

*No more self-sabotaging or negative talk.


I’m ready to open my book and tell you my story. Read how I broke free from a six year-long abusive relationship. 

*Identify red flags and get away from self-limiting people. 

*Commit to yourself. 


Life is a continuous journey. You live, you learn, and you grow through every experience and encounter, negative or positive. 

*Turn losses into lessons. 

*Rewrite your habits. 

*Create your own narrative. 


Ready, set, read!


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Diary Of The Broken Hearted: As A Woman

eBook ISBN-​9781098384227 

Paperback ISBN-9781098384210 

Get a peek inside the mind of a preacher’s daughter. Read the red flags in my raw, uncut diary of the first year of an abusive relationship. I was a single mother, a second-year college student, and a passionate writer, but I lost my passion for writing in a new relationship. I lost my grip on my own reality. He became my world. In time, his passion became my passion, and he had a true obsession with himself. He loved that I loved him. 


This is my diary from 2014–2015. It details the beginning of an abusive cycle that would last for six years before I broke that cycle. This book may be used as a guide, but it is my healing journey. It was therapeutic to write. It’s important to feel your feelings, and to be honest with yourself. This book is all about my feelings. I was able to reflect on some things that have happened and the signs I missed. It’s important to know the signs of abuse. 

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